Interested in what will happen during your first appointment with us? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you haven’t visited us before, find out what makes us different

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions that our clients ask before their appointments. Hopefully everything will be answered here, but if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01509 414151 – we’d be really happy to help!

Why don't you have glasses on display?

Have you ever walked in to an optician’s practice and felt overwhelmed by the sheer array of frames displayed on the walls?

Here at Quorn Styling Opticians, we take a more sophisticated approach. We choose to display a small sample of our premium collections; to give you a taste of the eyewear we have available. We will talk to you and discover your likes and dislikes, personality and style. We prefer to get to know you first, to fully understand who you are and what you’re looking for. This will allow us to show you a carefully chosen sample of our many unique and niche frames. 

Our team of experts can then use this information to guide you through the process of choosing your new glasses by selecting some frames that we feel will be perfectly suited to you!  This helps to remove the frustrations and hassles experienced by so many glasses wearers who are faced with the “self-selection” process offered elsewhere. We are happy to show you our collections in our Eyewear and Sunglasses Galleries; but so that you can maximise your time with us and benefit from a truly personal service, we work on an appointment only system to offer you a personalised Eyewear Styling Consultation.

How much do glasses cost at Quorn Styling Opticians?

Our practice specialises in niche eyewear, working with some of the world’s best frame and lens manufacturers. Our prices not only reflect the quality of the product, but also our professional expertise and high level of customer service.

How much you spend on your eyewear will be a balance between the quality of the frames and the optical quality of the lenses.  The good news is that there will always be a variety of options available to you and you will always get exceptional value no matter what you choose.

As we are an independent opticians, we are able to choose the lens manufacturer that is most appropriate for your eyes, your prescription and your frames.  We will determine which lenses suit you and your prescription best; whether it’s using cutting edge Japanese lenses such as Nikon, Hoya and Tokai or German lenses such as Zeiss and Rodenstock.  The products we work with are of a premium optical quality so that our clients benefit from the very best vision possible.  Our experts will consult with you and guide you through the options available based on your personal visual needs. Lens technology continuously develops, enabling us to offer you the most up to date lenses.  It’s simply a case of deciding what’s best for you in terms of the quality and grade of lens that you want versus how much you wish to spend on your eyewear.

Our niche and unique frames start from £199.

If you wear single vision lenses (e.g. for distance or reading) our premium lens prices start from £210 and basic single vision lenses are available for as little as £129.

For all varifocal wearers, our premium lenses that offer you the most natural vision start from £409 and basic varifocal lenses are available from as little as £259.

All lens prices include fully-coated lenses for optimum optical clarity and protection against daily “wear & tear”.

To help our clients get the eyewear that they want, without compromise or delay, we can offer flexible payment options over 3, 6 or 12-months, with no extra cost and no hassle.

Do you stock designer brands?

If you’re looking for glasses that are as unique and individual as you are, then Quorn Styling Opticians is for you! Our hand selected frames are meticulously crafted by the world’s finest artisanal manufacturers who create frames that are considered to be the best of the best.

Many of the brands we work with are only available in a hand full of opticians in the U.K. So, if you’re looking for glasses that are different, individual and of a higher quality than what you find in the chains, then you’ll love the collections that we have in stock.

However, if designer brands are more your style, then maybe a visit to our sister practice is in store! Based in the neighbouring village of Barrow Upon Soar, Visual Answers Opticians stock many designer brands that you have grown to know and love. Call 01509416800 or visit www.visualanswers.co.uk for more information.

How long does a Styling Consultation take?

We take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients, so we can bring to life the unique vision that you have in mind for your eyewear. At your appointment, you’ll see a knowledgeable, helpful and passionate member of our dispensing team. A Styling Consultation takes around 45 minutes, which allows you enough time to sit back and relax whilst we present you with niche and unique eyewear.

How much does a Styling Consultation cost?

A personal and attentive Styling Consultation with us costs £55.00. However, if you discover and purchase the perfect eyewear from Quorn Styling Opticians, your consultation will be free of charge!

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